Bars & Clubs

Apartment Community Social Nights

Our group will import customers by the bus load. You choose the night and we will charter residents from a prearranged apartment community to your business for a safe night of fun and socializing. We will handle all of the transportation responsibilities to and from the event.


After Work Company Happy Hours

Our group will arrange for staff at various area businesses to enjoy after-work social events and happy hour at your location. We can do this with as many local businesses as you would like.


Entertainment and Events

Our events production department can arrange for live entertainment [music, comedy, karaoke, etc] at your establishment. We can also produce special events such as fund-raisers, bikers' parties, themed parties, stage review nights, model contests, talent shows, battle of the bands or other events to draw great crowds. Our service also includes the promotion of any of these activities.


Model Calendar 2013

The Hooters chain does not have the corner on the market for model promotional calendars. We can produce a customized 2013 calendar specifically for your business

utilizing your staff, customers or our models for each monthly model. These calendars can be a profit center for you if you choose to sell them, a fund-raising tool or you can keep your name in front of customers all year long by giving them away. These can also include specials that can be redeemed at certain times of the year to use this as a useful promotional and revenue generating tool.


Learn How To Utilize Guerrilla Marketing – Attend Our Monthly Marketing Workshops

If you or your staff wish to market your business with a hands-on approach, we offer a powerful monthly guerrilla marketing workshop. Held off-site in a professional conference environment, our professionals teach you effective low-cost techniques and tactics each month and work with you on improving your marketing functions, developing strategies and tools and troubleshoot your existing efforts. You can also participate in our group discussions and gain insight into the success and challenges of your peers as well as receiving direct feedback from them. This monthly event includes a wonderful lunch and beverages and capacity is limited so that we can provide specific and personalized assistance to each participant.