Our group offers resources to accounting practices to increase their presence in the marketplace and gain new clients.


Web Site

Let us help you put your business on line with an effective web site to suit your needs. We can create it from scratch or modify your existing site if you are not pleased with your current web presence. Our service includes regular updates and complete design and hosting to include 24/7 customer service.


Social Media

Our group can set you up with your own Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or other social media outlets and assist you with connecting to the market through these platforms.


Internet Advertising

The question is how do you choose the right method to advertise your business on the web to achieve results in a cost-effective manner? We will develop an advertising plan to make this work for you without big risk.


Email Campaigns

Our group can develop and manage customized email campaigns to your existing list and also show you how to use professional email to gain new clients without it being a spam communication.


Identity Package and Graphics

We will create a logo that projects your vision of how you see your business image and provide it to you in a format for you to use on stationery, signs or even apparel.


Personalized Marketing Strategy

We can develop a customized guerrilla marketing strategy for your specific business using low-cost and free tactics and activities to provide you with a blueprint to increase your revenue now.


Referral Relationships

Our group can develop and secure twenty sources of on-going referrals of new clients for you through our communications and networking.


Delivery of New Clients to You

We will develop a profile of the type of client you wish to secure and through our market activities. We will bring to you the number of clients you choose that meet this criteria to utilize your services. Our clients are guaranteed to remain with you at least one year.


Professional Services Networking and Social Group

We have established a professional group of individuals who offer professional services in this area. The group meets regularly for professional development meetings and social meetings. Enjoy the social aspects of meeting your peers and receive the benefits of establishing valuable referral relationships.

Direct Mail

If you would like to reach the market through a targeted approach we can create and produce a direct mail initiative from concept to delivery.

Your Own Publication

Our group can develop and produce full-color books that will tell your story and present your business or we can create and produce a regular newsletter or magazine on your behalf.

Special Events or Seminars

Present your accounting practice through a special event in a seminar format. We can handle all te details for you and promote it on your behalf.