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We offer a complete portfolio of marketing and media resources and unique tools specifically developed for home service businesses and individuals to build their sales and generate new clients.


Neighborhood Flyer Blitz

Our basic infantry program is very effective in reaching the people who work and live in your area directly near your location. We will design and produce an effective promotional flyer and hand-deliver it to businesses and residents in your area.


New Resident Gift Basket or Certificate

Make a great first impression before your competition does with new residents moving into your area. We will develop a great, cost-effective gift basket, gift certificate or combo package and deliver it with your personal note of welcome to residents in your area each week.

Introductory Door Hangers

We can design and produce door hanger promotions for your business. Our group can also distribute them door-to-door in targeted neighborhoods.
Neighborhood Introductory Letter
When you begin a job in a new neighborhood, one of the prime opportunities is to generate new business in the same area. We offer a personalized, introductory letter to nearby residents that details your specific business with an offer for a complimentary quote or consultation. You hand-sign each letter and you have the option for us to hand-deliver each letter or mail it via first class mail. Your credibility is already established in the neighborhood and this is your opportunity to leverage that for new sales.

Guaranteed Customer Generation Program
We now offer a program whereby we will provide a certain predetermined number of new customers that fit your profile criteria.  Our staff utilizes our own tools, media properties and marketing activities to find, qualify and refer new customers to you. Our fee for each guaranteed new customer is similar to a referral fee and varies according to the type of business or customers you are looking for. We would be happy to discuss the details as it relates to your business.


Web Site

Let us help you put your business online with an effective web site to suit your needs. We can create it from scratch or modify your existing site if you are not pleased with your current web presence. Our service includes regular updates and complete design and hosting to include 24/7 customer service.


Social Media

Our group can set you up with your own Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or other social media outlets and assist you with connecting to the market through these platforms.


Internet Advertising

The question is how do you choose the right method to advertise your business on the web to achieve results in a cost-effective manner? We will develop an advertising plan to make this work for you without big risk.


Email Campaigns

Our group can develop and manage customized email campaigns to your existing list and also show you how to use professional email to gain new clients without it being filtered as a spam communication.


Identity Package and Graphics

We will create a logo that projects your vision for your business image and provide it to you in a format compatible for stationery, signs or even apparel.


Texting Services

We can show you how to increase sales with customized texting services to your existing customer base and new prospects. Move your communications at the speed of sound in the marketplace.


Personalized Marketing Strategy

We can develop a customized guerrilla marketing strategy for your specific business using low-cost and free tactics and activities to provide you with a blueprint to generate an immediate increase in revenue.


Learn How To Utilize Guerrilla Marketing – Attend Our Monthly Marketing Workshops

If you or your staff wish to market your business with a hands-on approach, we offer a powerful monthly guerrilla marketing workshop. Held off-site in a professional conference environment, our professionals teach you effective low-cost techniques and tactics each month and work with you on improving your marketing functions, developing strategies and tools and troubleshoot your existing efforts. You can also participate in our group discussions and gain insight into the success and challenges of your peers as well as receiving direct feedback from them. This monthly event includes a wonderful lunch and beverages and capacity is limited so that we can provide specific and personalized assistance to each participant.

Direct Mail

If you would like to reach the market through a targeted approach we can create and produce a direct mail initiative from concept to delivery.

Radio or Television Advertising

Reach the market through the airwaves. We can negotiate discounted rates for you with radio stations or television or cable outlets and make sure you are actually reaching your target market. We will also produce the effective ad that works for you to place n this medium.


Unique Promotions

One of our unique marketing tools involves the development of an individualized promotional campaign for your business. If you are looking for something different to market your business and increase sales and customers, please ask us to give you creative ideas and strategies for special promotions.


Customer or Client Loyalty and Referral Programs

The bottom line is that you can increase visits and revenue received from each existing customer or client by 50% by marketing and communicating directly to them on a regular basis. You can also receive an average of two new customers or clients from each existing one if you take certain steps and execute specific actions. Let us show you how our proven cost-effective program that we have been teaching audiences around the United States for many years will work in your business and grow your business substantially with little risk.